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Vertical Mixers

Vertical mixers (planetary mixers) PHARMIX - HV50 - HV8000 have been very successful products from the PHARMIX product range for several decades. We standardly deliver these mixers in the working volumes from 50 to 8000 liters.

Basic characteristics and advantages
  • Fast and thorough mixing of several loose components
  • Very good mixing intensity and efficiency
  • Excellent homogeneity level of the mixed product
  • Gentle influence on the mixed product
  • Self-discharging effect with zero residual product amount
  • Simple and safe operation and easy maintenance
  • Economical operating costs and low power consumption
  • Excellent cleanability, variable volume and low space demands
  • Modification possibility for specific application to the customer requirements
  • High variability of the accessories
  • Stainless steel design or stainless steel + carbon steel design
The mentioned characteristics and the used material are ideal for the application of these vertical mixers in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. Despite of the growing trend of replacing conical screw mixers by other types of mixers with different design concepts, these vertical mixers still remain, with regard to the specific requirements for industrial mixing and to their properties (very good intensity, fast and efficient mixing, excellent homogeneity, reliability, economic operating costs, etc.), a popular mean for non-continuous mixing of loose materials with low cohesiveness. In some areas of industrial practice it is still the most effective and often the most optimal equipment.

Application possibilities
  • Mixing of loose mixtures in various industrial applications: puddings, instant beverages and soups, coffee and cocoa mixtures, blends of tea and spices, flour and starch mixtures, vitamin mixtures
  • Preparation of mixtures for pharmaceutical production
  • Production of feed mixtures and premixes in agriculture
  • Preparation of mixtures for chemical production
  • Homogenization and mixing of dyes and pigments
  • Injection of liquid substances to powdery products
  • Cooling and heating of the mixed product
Used materials
AISI 304 (1.4301), AISI 316L (1.4404)

Functional principle
The principle of homogenization is based on the simultaneous reaction of two kinematic movements - rotating and spherical. The rotating screw agitator carries the mixed product from the lower to the upper part of the conical mixer vessel. By gravitation the product slides down to the lower part of the conical vessel, where it is again transported upwards. The screw agitator is simultaneously driven by the rotating arm along the inner wall of the conical vessel. This composite kinematic movement causes fast and thorough mixing of the product and its displacement. The result is a perfectly homogenous mixture.

Vertical mixers in "STANDARD" design include are characterized by the following parameters:
  • mixer vessel, screw agitator and upper covers are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) quality
  • mixing arm, driving unit, beam and gear-box are made carbon steel combined with gray cast iron
  • surface finish of the parts contacting the product including welds is polished by abrasive with grain size of 180
  • outside vessel surface, driving unit with motor and beam are painted by email RAL 1000
  • the discharging of the mixed product is provided by a hand operated "butterfly" valve
According to the specific customer requirements the vertical mixers are provided in special design.
Option examples:
  • all mixer parts made of stainless steel
  • mixer parts contacting the product made of stainless steel AISI 316L
  • specific surface finish (grinding, polishing to mirror shine, ball blasting, coating by PTFE, HALAR, CHESTERTON)
  • screw agitator coated by hardmetal or ceramic composite (CHESTERTON) for mixing of highly abrasive mixtures
  • moistening equipment for injecting fluids into the mixture
  • CIP unit for cleaning of the workspace
  • jacketed vessel with pressure jacket for heating/cooling if the mixed product
  • vessel provided with an inspection opening
  • vessel equipped by strain gauge weighing
  • non-supported screw agitator (for HV 50 to HV 1000 only)
  • electric equipment and components designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

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Production of stainless steel equipment for pharmacy, chemistry and food industry

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Telephone +420 573 500 550,Fax +420 573 339 481
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